I’ve always wanted to visit the Art Science Museum but the visit never did materialize until recently because of my procrastination.  I have my brother and ex-colleagues to thank because their company gave me the impetus to finally make my way to the museum. 😉 Well, to be honest, I have Andy Warhol to thank for that as well.
I love Andy Warhol’s pop art and this is the first time that such an extensive collection is exhibited on our sunny shores. With over 260 paintings, videos, sculptures and drawings spanning over 40 years from the 1940s to 1980s, the Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal is a heaven for art enthusiasts as well as avid fans of the artist. Some of his most famous works include the Campbell Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe. The exhibition ends on 12 Aug, so you still have plenty of time to check it out!
Andy Warhol was gay and somewhat eccentric (which artist isn’t, really?). His penchant for cross-dressing and horrific transformation in his later years proved a little too much for our innocent minds to handle, which sparked off a sudden spurt of craziness in us. That yellow mop on my brother’s head was one of Andy’s favourite wigs. He’s gotta be kidding right? 
Oh, and God knows what came over my brother at that moment too.
Before long, we decided it was time to take a break from all the insanity and move on to the Titanic Exhibition, which has since ended on 29th April.

For some strange reason, the Titanic exhibition was extremely popular among the visitors. A snaking queue formed right outside the entrance and extended all the way around the circumference of the floor that we were on. We got in only after half an hour or so.
The most interesting part of the exhibition, to me at least, was the mock-up of the first class cabins and the actual personal belongings of various passengers who were rescued or went missing when the ship sank, all of which told different stories and gave me deeper insights into what happened to each and every one of them on that fateful night. I know this sounds creepy, but I felt as if I was there with them.
Some original parts of the ship were salvaged and on display as well, so you could take a peek at what the Titanic was really like before devastation ensued. Aside from the crowd, I must say I enjoyed the tour very much. I like exhibitions that tell a story from a layman’s point of view, and the Titanic exhibition did just that.