Yesterday, we drove 30km out of Rodellar to another town by the name of Alquezar. It is a medieval city listed as a historical site in Spain.

Don’t you feel like you’ve been transported back in time? 😉 Images of castles, kings, queens, knights and princesses came to my mind immediately. Playing make-believe has never been easier!

I love taking photos of dazzling sun rays peeking out from tree branches. So pretty!

Before we continued touring the town, we stopped by Narbona restaurant for lunch and an extended tea break thereafter. We had yummy cordon bleu for our main courses (we took the kid’s meal cos the portions are huge!). At 2 euros, you can also get yourself a glass of sangria, which is the same price as what a coke or coffee would cost!

Over here, the siesta starts from 1.30pm to 4.30pm, and families would gather for long, leisurely lunches together. Wish we could do that in Singapore too, where work-life balance is more of a myth, don’t you think? Unless you’re self-unemployed like yours truly. 😉

After filling our tummies with sangria and oily fried food, we climbed up to the highest point of the town, where the Santa Maria La Mayor castle-collegiate church is. This church used to be a Muslim castle until it was conquered by the King of Aragon in the 1600s.

The gold plating and coloured wood carvings are well-preserved in its original glory, which is pretty amazing for something so ancient!

The Romanesque pillars also remind me of a romantic scene from the movie Great Expectations, where the child leads locked lips over a drinking fountain.

The mesmerizing view atop the clock tower of Santa Maria collegiate-church.

We spent the rest of our time walking through the pebbled streets and charming architecture of medieval origins.

Here’s what I wore to battle the sweltering heat.

Lace Ribbon Camisole from Forever New

White denim shorts from H&M

Along the way back, we passed by El Puente, a campsite with a beautiful arched bridge against the captivating backdrop of Sierra de Guara just as the sun was setting.

Sigh..I’m so gonna miss this place!!!!

Byebye Rodellar, and hello Barcelona.

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