After staying in Rodellar for close to 2 weeks, I think I’ll miss this place when we leave for Barcelona soon.
This is where I accomplished many personal firsts. Pretty astonishing, not just for myself, but for others who know me well too, because everything that I did here is completely out of character for me.

1) I had my first hiking experience here (4 hikes actually!) and enjoyed it thoroughly despite having to fend off bees/flies and balance on rocky paths that threaten to give way any time.

I even crossed the streams twice! I think I did mighty well for someone who’s afraid of water. 😉

2) I belayed JW for the first time in my life! That’s no mean feat cos I’ve never belayed him or anybody for that matter, not even in the indoor rockclimbing gyms in Singapore and Malaysia.

Check out my harness. LOL! Cool or what?

Pls pardon the hideous shoes. Obviously they don’t belong to me. 😛

The second time I belayed JW, I nearly flew off the cliff when he swung outwards like a pendulum while coming down an inclined section of the rock formation. Luckily, there was a huge rock behind me, so I clung onto it for my dear life, not without first screaming my lungs out and making a scene!

Besides getting laughed at by the seasoned climbers around me, I also sustained a humungous bruise on my left leg and some scratches. So embarrassing! 🙁 I’m surprised I agreed to belay him for a grand total of 8 other climbs!

3) It was my first time staying in a rural European town, which is something I’ve always wanted to do although I’m very much a city girl.

There’s just something about the fresh air, the untainted scenery and the lack of amenities that makes it inexplicably attractive and almost magical.

So, will I come back to Rodellar again? I would, but I would probably think twice about belaying my husband again. 😛