We haven’t been doing very much in Rodellar besides exploring around the small town and chilling out at cafes. The town has an old world charm reminiscent of years of yore, and every street is lined with pretty little pink flowers and wild berries.

Refugio Kalandraka is the name of the little lodge that we’re currently staying in. The owner here owns Cafe Kalandraka too, which is just a stone’s throw away and opens from 6.30pm till late. This is where we have been dining every evening. The salad and lasagna here are our favourite dishes. The generous servings of cheese are enough to make me drool!For breakfast, we will venture a little further to the heart of the town, where Bar Florentino and Olvido are. Both cafes here whip up hearty breakfast meals with delicious spanish eggs (essentially sunny side up eggs that are very crispy and fluffy at the edges) and sausages.It is summer in Spain now so the sun doesn’t set till about 9 p.m. Once the sun sets, we have to make our way back to our lodge using a headlamp because it’s so dark you can’t see anything in front of you! It is quite an experience really.

Besides chilling out, we did some canyoning and climbing today (not me, I was the belayer). More on that soon!

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