Hiking is the only way to enjoy the scenery in Rodellar, which is located in the northeast of Aragon province in Spain (doesn’t it remind you of Lord of the Rings?). The hiking trails are pretty treacherous by Singapore’s standards as the terrain is very steep and rocky. There are no barriers too, so if you lose your footing, off the canyon you go. Well, but I guess that adds to the thrill of it all. 😉

The amazing thing is, we came across many children who are barely 8-10 years old hiking effortlessly alongside their parents, which really put me to shame. There were many occasions when I had to go down on all fours, just like a dog, because my shoes were a tad too big for me and I was afraid of losing my balance. 😛

We made it all the way down the canyon to an area called Bikini, which is apparently the most accessible area for climbing. As most of the climbers here do not speak English, I ended up belaying JW. I think I did well considering that it was my first time after 2 years. Looks like I’m well on track to becoming his belay slave for the rest of the trip.

Besides climbing, swimming is a popular activity too. There were so many bikini clad babes and half-naked hunks walking around, it is no wonder they decided to name this place Bikini. Regardless of the type of scenery you’re looking for, rest assured that Rodellar does not disappoint on all fronts. 😉

Tomorrow is my next hiking day, and I sure am looking forward to it! 😛

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