Jun brought us to JB for supper on a whim yesterday and goodness gracious, I didn’t know I’ve been missing out on all the cheap and good food in JB all these years!

Our first stop was at 何明记 Wanton Noodle, a famous Wanton Noodle shop with franchises all over JB. The noodles are handmade and very bouncy!

Then, we popped by an obscure lane along Pelangi for “luk luk”, which is essentially very similar to Japanese yakitori. These skewered food are served by make-shift vans that typically only start operating at night. I took the photo below when this particular stall just started operations at 11+pm and it was already terribly packed!

All you need to do is pick up a metal plate, select your favourite skewered food and wait for the servers to grill it (they’ll marinate it with salt, pepper and sometimes mayonnaise) before frying to further enhance the taste. You can also choose to have it boiled but I would much rather have unhealthy yet flavourful fried food any time!!

At this rate, it looks like I’ll be making more frequent trips to our neighbouring country. 😉