At 350 acres, Hyde Park is not only the most famous Royal Park in London, it is also easily one of the largest. Long before it was opened to the public, Hyde Park belonged to the monks of Westminster Abbey and was then subsequently purchased by Henry XIII to be used as his private hunting ground. The park was only opened to the public in 1637 after Charles I took over the reign.

Since then, Hyde Park has taken on a totally different identity. It is now a venue for national celebrations and global events such as the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games. Of course, families and friends still gather here on weekends for picnics!
We took a stroll through the park on an early Sunday morning, unfazed by the scorching heat. In fact, I remember joking that we would probably need to do IPL to get rid of pigmentation after the trip. For the uninitiated, IPL refers to Intense Pulse Light, a laser skin treatment, not Invisible Panty Line (a certain significant other thought the acronym stands for this!!LOL).
Just look at these gorgeous blooms! I was so dazzled by the vast expanse of green meadows and diverse selection of flora and fauna. Nowhere in the depths of our botanical gardens can you find such beautiful flowers.

As the weather was nothing short of fabulous that day, we spotted several bikini-clad visitors sunbathing in the open along our way. Deck chairs in cheery white and green stripes were also made available to visitors who want to get that healthy tan.

And finally, here’s my favourite shot of the park.

Enjoy the long weekend babes! Happy National Day!!