It has been a while since I met up with Karen and Sushi, so we arranged to meet for lunch at Akashi. Akashi is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants, among a string of others including Nanbantei and Santouka (thanks to Jo for the recommendation).
Akashi also offers a seasonal selection of sashimi which is not on the menu. I’ve tried the baby red snapper sashimi, which JW absolutely loves. The sashimi is so thinly sliced and the portion is so meagre that I can’t imagine forking out $40 just for a plate of this, but the meat is so fresh and sweet it’ll leave you begging for more.
Alas, we didn’t have sashimi that day, but we did have a sumptuous spread nevertheless!

We did some shopping at Marc by Marc Jacobs before we parted ways. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a group photo but Karen and I took some outfit shots:

Looking forward to meeting the girls again! Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your Sunday!