These days, I’m starting to realize that I am no longer as agile and energetic as I used to be. I  also feel extremely lethargic and tired during that time of the month, something which never bothered me when I was younger. I guess this is all part and parcel of aging.
Although we can’t reverse the aging process, there are many over the counter products and tonics to counter its effects. I believe that you can never be too young to start on anti-aging products, especially if you are talking about anti-wrinkle cream for the eyes and facial lifting products. 
I have just started on a bottle of Clarins’ Shaping Facial Lift, which claims to  lighten the face  to uncover more refined facial contours. It also has firming properties to rejuvenate your skin and lift your facial features. While my skin is currently still supple and taut, I figured I would need some help in terms of maintenance. Moreover, who wouldn’t want their facial contours to be more defined? 😉 
This serum can be easily incorporated into your daily skincare regime as it is meant to be used immediately after cleansing and toning, before you pile on other skincare products. Its effects will be better enhanced if you follow the Clarins Manual Auto-Lifting method, which is essentially a series of facial massage steps to reduce water retention, thereby aiding the removal of facial fats. All you need to do is to follow the steps detailed in the booklet provided by Clarins.
I’ve been using this product for the past 3 days and surprisingly, I have already started noticing a significant change in my facial contours. I have naturally chubby cheeks, which JW can definitely attest to because he derives so much joy from pinching them, and even he has noticed that my cheeks are less chubby (much to his dismay)!! 
I know it sounds miraculous and I can’t believe that it is true either, but when I look into the mirror or touch my face, I am convinced that it is. Nonetheless, I am not sure how long-lasting the effects are, so I will continue to monitor my progress for the next 1-2 months before I report back again. I should probably take before and after photos too!