My mum and I took an 8-day package tour to Korea via SingExpress, a travel agency headquartered in Hong Kong and owned by Richard Li, Li Ka Shing’s second son. They have an office at People’s Park Complex in Singapore as well.
We decided to take up the tour package because the agency promised that we would stay in 5-stay hotels with almost all meals provided throughout the entire duration. I was duly impressed with the service rendered as well as the condition of the hotels. With the exception of the hotel at Mount Sorak, where we had to sleep on tatamis, the other hotels were pretty comfortable and well-furnished. The tour guides also went the extra mile to check everyone’s rooms upon check-in, a gesture which I really appreciated.

We took a red-eye flight from Singapore to Korea. Upon arrival at Incheon Airport, we were whisked off to a restaurant for a quick lunch of traditional barbecued pork and the usual Korean side dishes.

The food was delicious, even for a fussy eater like me. As you can tell, I only remembered to take photographs halfway into the meal. 😛

The next item on our itinerary was a visit to Mount Sorak, the third highest mountain in Korea. It is located on the east coast of the Korean Peninsula in the Taebaek Mountain range. The weather was magnificent and the view was nothing short of spectacular.

This was where we took our only group shot as well, which was a pity because everyone in our tour group got along fabulously with one another.
I was amazed by my mum’s stamina. We managed to reach the top of the mountain rather effortlessly. The reward? A breathtaking view of the beautiful scenery.
I was told that on the other side of Mount Sorak lies another mountain range named Mount Geungang, a North Korean tourist attraction. A South Korean tourist was apparently shot dead in Mount Geungang in 2008 by North Korean guards after she accidentally ventured into a North Korean military zone. Despite its negative publicity, I still hope to visit North Korea some day. One of my friends who has done so had rave reviews!

The view on the way down was equally captivating. We stopped several times just to take photos! Here are two of my favourite shots:

Gorgeous isn’t it?