It’s time for our annual D&D again! Interestingly, I’m one of those strange people who get to attend two company D&Ds annually (excluding JW’s). This is the first D&D I’m attending this year and boy was it fun!

The performance put up by my colleagues was so hilarious that I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage. The comic elements were further amplified by an unconventional heroine named 大娘惹 (acted by my guy friend).

大娘惹 sang the song Bangawan Solo (including bits and pieces about sharing her wonderful kueh lapis with her future husband) with so much soul that it drew guffaws from the audience. The dance moves and professional acting skills of my other colleagues were very commendable as well. It was akin to watching a musical by our local theatre talents.

The theme was international and most of my department colleagues came in the Peranakan costume to support our play. Yours truly had no time to source for costumes though my paternal grandma is apparently Peranakan haha…Sigh. Instead, I went for the Gothic Lolitha look.