I was at LV@ Ion Orchard on Friday and I must say the service was immaculate! The sales assistant serving me not only offered friendly feedback on what he thought looked good on me, he also gave me tips on bag maintenance. What I really liked about his service was the affable yet professional image that he portrayed, coupled with a suitable amount of small talk. You know how some SAs irk the hell out of you with their incessant chatter, but he was able to strike a balance and not go overboard, which is regrettably very rare in Singapore’s context. The best part was, he even escorted me all the way to the door while thanking me profusely for my patronage.
I am pretty critical about service standards, and I am guilty of boycotting stores that do not not meet the mark in this respect. In fact, I have never quite liked shopping in LV stores in Singapore, but the flagship store at Ion Orchard certainly changed my perspective.

Well, and if you’re curious about what I bought, here is my new purchase (i.e. it’s time for me to eat grass).