Thursday night was a long night, entertaining guests at Jaan during the World Gourmet Summit. Thank goodness this weekend is a long one too! I have been suffering from bouts of headache and fatigue the past week, despite going to bed early. Perhaps I lack exercise??

Anyhow, here’s a really outdated post which I meant to write eons ago but just never got around to doing it.

There are a few designers whom I personally admire, and one of them has got to be French designer, Christian Lacroix (pronounced la-kua). Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I realised that the National Museum managed to convince the designer to exhibit his collection in Singapore. Lacroix started off as a costumier designing costumes for opera and theatre houses before he became an acclaimed fashion designer. Just in case you are wondering, Lacroix will be showcasing his Spring/Summer 2009 collection at St Regis during the Audi Fashion Festival next week.

More on Lacroix’s background (click to expand)

I was amazed by his detailed drawings, done entirely by hand. They are so beautiful that I would love to be able to hang them on my wall!

Ornate costumes for a period opera. Again, the intricate details swept me off my feet.

Costumes for Carmen by Bizet
Costumes for The Marriage of Figaro by MozartI couldn’t resist taking a picture with the chandeliers and plush armchair.

Thereafter, we dropped by an interior design exhibition featuring works of renowned Scandinavian designers. I especially like this chair, which looks like two halves of a chair joined together at the opposite ends.

Then, we started fooling around with the lightbulb housed within a cardboard box. No matter how I tried, I just didn’t look like I was deep in thought, so I decided to act cute instead.
Unlike me, JW always looks like he is deep in thought, even if he is thinking about what to eat next or when would be a good time to climb.
I love visiting museums, but unfortunately, there aren’t many noteworthy exhibits or artefacts to be viewed in the local musuems, which is a real pity. However, I must say that Novus cafe is a cozy place to hang out in.

It vaguely reminds me of the cafes in Europe and China (yes you’ll be surprised, there are so many quaint cafes there!). I wish the cafe culture here could have more originality, for it’s a pain seeing the same coffee chains setting up outlets at every corner of our little island.