This week is a jinxed week for me.

First, I fell really ill. Fever, runny nose, sore throat and cough – well, you get the drift. That’s not all. I’m currently on the verge of losing my voice too.

And if you think that is bad enough, there’s worse to come.

I broke one of our wine glasses when I tried to put a bowl back into the cabinet yesterday night.
It shattered into what seemed like a million pieces. Glass bits were scattered around the sink, by the side of the sink and all over the floor.

I spent about half an hour cleaning up the mess, and for those who know me, such things do not happen to me because I am usually very careful!!

So anyway, I felt rather unwell at work today, so I left the office early to have some rest. Come dinner time, JW came home with a packet of fresh starfruit juice, which is supposed to be really beneficial for my throat.

Sadly, it ended up on the rug because I was drugged, having taken medication and all. I stupidly left the packet of starfruit juice sitting on my coffee table while I took a call from my boss.

In the wink of an eye, the juice erupted from the plastic bag, like lava from a volcano, and now, part of my rug smells like starfruit.

Goodness, I don’t really want to know what’s in store for me the rest of this week…..