Went to KL 2 weekends back with the climbers for a short getaway. Most of our time was spent in Camp 5 at One Utama Shopping Centre. It’s an indoor climbing gym housed within a shopping centre. If only they had one like that in Singapore! It was my 2nd time there, but I didn’t climb at all because my primary aim was to shop, eat and laze around. 😛

I like how clean Camp 5 is. The floors are carpeted so I would usually lie there to gaze at the rock wall or take a quick nap while waiting for JW to complete his route.

Here’re some pics of him climbing…some grey route which seemed pretty difficult (as you can tell, I really know nuts about this sport!). LOL. Well, at least I know this route had lots of crimps and pinchers.

My favourite drink – A&W Root Beer Float. Wish we had A&W in Singapore.
We also had breakfast at Paddingtons. They’re famous for their sumptuous pancakes. Wish they had this in Singapore too!!

On the way back to Singapore. We were moving at such an alarmingly fast speed that my photos all turned out blur.