Eyebrow embroidery gives you perfectly groomed brows that frame your features beautifully, but eyeliner embroidery is the secret behind expressive, magnetic eyes that sparkle. Aren’t we glad that gone are the days when eyeliner embroidery results in a thick line drawn on your eyelids? Today, perfecting the no make-up yet polished look calls for eyeliner embroidery to be done on your waterline to fill up the gaps between your lashes, as this not only enlarges your eyes but also gives the illusion of thicker lashes. 

That is exactly what I did at Arch Angel Brow recently after my wonderful experience with their eyebrow embroidery service last year (click here to read more). Now, all I need is sunblock and off I go to face the world!
Before & After Eyeliner Embroidery

Can you tell the difference before and after eyeliner embroidery? I
look more wide awake than before, and I am in love with the subtle
definition that it gives to my peepers without any eye make-up, something that I could never do without in the past. Now, I can literally wake up like this every morning. It simplifies my beauty routine and I am able to get more shuteye.  

We all need a little more beauty sleep, don’t we?

When I told some of my close friends that I had plans to get eyeliner embroidery done, many of them were very excited because it is a beauty service that has been on their minds for eons, yet they just couldn’t take the plunge as many questions (usually related to pain) flooded their mind. I will address some of these questions in my post today, and I hope that this would give you peace of mind to finally do the deed. 

Why did I choose Arch Angel Brow?

First and foremost, as with eyebrow embroidery, I cannot place enough emphasis on how important it is to engage an experienced professional for eyeliner embroidery. As eyeliner embroidery is done extremely close to your eyeballs, I would only entrust my eyes to a professional who has done this umpteen times, has a good aesthetic eye and most importantly, has at least 10 years of experience. 

The founders of Arch Angel Brow, Kelly and Eileen, have combined experience of 18 years in the beauty industry. Only plant-based ingredients are used and all the techniques and technology utilized are imported from Korea. All of the above gave me the assurance I needed, and having seen their works (plus my past experience with them), I knew I was in good hands. 

 What is the process like? How long does it take?

It is recommended that you head down without any eye make-up, but even if you do have make-up on, your eye area will be thoroughly cleansed before the procedure. 

Numbing cream is then applied for about 15-20 minutes, before a wand-like instrument is used to embroider the eyeliner pigment on your waterline. Your eyelids will be gently pulled up during the process and the most important thing to note here is to keep your eyes closed throughout. At the end of the procedure, your eyes will also be rinsed with saline for hygiene purposes.The entire process takes about an hour.

Application of numbing cream


Eyeliner embroidery work-in-progress


Rinsing my eyes with saline after the procedure

How long can it last?

I was told that eyeliner embroidery can last about 2-3 years on average. 

Does it hurt?

It generally feels a little ticklish and I felt a tingling sensation at one point, after which Kelly promptly reapplied an additional layer of numbing cream. I would say I experienced more discomfort during eyeliner embroidery as compared to eyebrow embroidery due to the skin around the eyes being more delicate and sensitive, but the entire process is very tolerable with numbing cream. Since it lasts a good 2-3 years, going through a little discomfort is certainly worth the convenience of looking great without make-up!

Is any aftercare required?

 Avoid getting your eyes in contact with water on the same day that your eyeliner embroidery is done. Personally, I used wet wipes instead of facial foam to clean my face that evening. 

 You can also ice your eye area with an ice pack if you experience swelling, which is rather common after this procedure. My eyes swelled immediately after as my skin is generally more sensitive and I had very thick double eyelids. After icing it with an ice pack, the swelling subsided the next day.

As with eyebrow embroidery, there is some scabbing involved in eyeliner embroidery too. Scabbing takes place over a few days and all you have to do is to use some eye drops regularly throughout the day to moisten the skin. Do not scratch or peel the scabs off prematurely as this will lighten the pigment of your eyeliner.  

Follow all these steps religiously and you’ll end up with beautiful eyes after the scabbing period passes.

More defined eyes after eyeliner embroidery

Here’s a big thank you to Arch Angel Brow once again for beautifying me and ensuring that I always look my best!


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