After traveling around China for a few months, I have come to realize that one of the country’s greatest draws lies in its rich historical heritage. Every monument, garden and pagoda tells a story and it is through these stories that each attraction takes on a life of its own, coming alive right before my eyes as I embark on an experiential journey to deepen my appreciation of China’s cultural intricacies.

My fascination with cultural heritage and ancient buildings was what led me to Che’fle Canal Hotel, a new luxury hotel in Hangzhou,China.

Che’fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou
Open Concept Reception
Elements of Chinese culture in the hotel lobby


Che’fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou

What is the story behind Che’fle Canal Hotel in Hangzhou?

 Located at the former site of the Renhe Granary in the Ming Dynasty and the State Silk Warehouse in the 1950s, the independent buildings that used to be a part of the warehouse have now been restored and transformed into the Che’fle Canal Hotel of today. These buildings are listed as protected historical architecture in Hangzhou. The hotel overlooks the Grand Canal, the longest, greatest and oldest canal in the world, which dates back to the Spring and Autumn Period more than 2500 years ago.
Believe it or not, the canal flows through Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and Tianjin. You can still experience the hustle and bustle of this ancient waterway through the scenic canal cruise, as well as many traditional streets and alleys dotted with eateries, cafes and retail shops.

The Rooms

A stunning motif of the Grand Canal adds a cultural touch to the entrance of every room
Returning to a cozy, welcoming room is something that I look forward to after a hectic day of traveling.

Hotel rooms are decorated to reflect the Silk Culture of the hotel



The decor at Che’fle reflects the hotel’s State Silk Warehouse heritage, as can be seen from the flowing motifs and silk artwork that extend from the corridors to the rooms.

Shanghai Tang bath toiletries
Nespresso coffee machine


The room amenities reflect a taste for finer living and the hotel’s attention to detail. Some pampering treats that you can indulge in include the Shanghai Tang bath toiletries (Che’fle is one of the few hotels that has an exclusive partnership with Shanghai Tang), Nespresso coffee machine and a selection of exquisite Chinese tea, not to mention the amazing turndown service that ends your day on a sweet note.

Che’fle Canal Hotel’s Turndown Service ends the day on a sweet note

The Food

Cold Cuts

Cold Cuts
Cheese Platter

Breads & Pastries

The delectable east-meets-west breakfast buffet is bound to leave you spoiled for choice. A western spread comprising quality cold cuts, cheese platter, breads and pastries and breakfast cereals are accompanied by eastern delights such as dim sum (the xiao long bao is surprisingly delicious!) and porridge. The wide variety of fruits, cereals and freshly squeezed fruit juices will also appeal to the health-conscious crowd.

Breakfast Cereals
Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices


Che’fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou Breakfast
For lunch, visit one of Han Palace Chinese Restaurant’s Private Dining Rooms for an intimate dining experience with bespoke menus as you sit in the comfort of lavishly designed rooms.

Han Dining Chinese Restaurant
Han Dining Restaurant’s Private Dining Room


If you have a sweet tooth, you would be happy to know that Che’fle Hotel has a dedicated cakes and pastry shop helmed by their very own pastry chef. We had afternoon tea at the Buddha Bar, which transforms into a great spot to chill out at night with a drink or two.

Lovely cakes for afternoon tea


Macaroons by the hotel’s in-house pastry chef

The macaroons are my personal favourite as they resemble the famous zumbarons created by renowned Australian pastry chef Adrianna Zumbo.

Fitness & Relaxation

Fitness junkies will love the hotel’s fully equipped gym and saltwater pool, the first of its kind in Hangzhou.

First saltwater pool in Hangzhou

At the end of the day, wind down, relax and disconnect from the world by pampering yourself with a relaxing massage at the spa operated by award-winning arom:D Academic Spa from Thailand.

Spa Menu


Overall Experience

Che’fle Canal Hotel is a
prime example of how the old and new can coexist in harmony.

Bricks from the former State Silk Factory can still be found here

Aside from
the building structures, take a closer look and you will find traces of
the old State Silk Warehouse in the form of bricks (not one brick can be knocked off!), signage, or window


I was constantly on the lookout for surprises at every corner,
very much like a child on a treasure hunt. If you too would like to
experience a slice of history without compromising on modern-day
comforts and luxuries, Che’fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou is the place to be.


Che’fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou

7 Lishui Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou


Reservations – (86) 571 88090928