Normcore is most certainly not a new fashion trend. It may have taken me a while to make a complete transition in favour of baggy boyfriend-esque tops and bottoms, not to mention giving up on accessorizing, but I was surprised at how liberating it felt to embrace simplicity in fashion.

Normcore, in my opinion, is a subset of the minimalist style. Comfortable basic pieces in baggy, over-sized silhouettes and sneakers form the core of this anti-style which happens to be ideal for the frequent traveller who wants to travel in style without compromising on comfort.
In many ways, normcore sounds bland and boring, but it is possible to spice up your normcore outfits by: 
1) Investing in basic pieces with a twist
Gotta love culottes
Culottes are a wonderful alternative to boyfriend jeans as they instantly amp up the style factor.
Bat wing sweater with uneven hems
In comparison to my plain long sleeve top in the previous photo, this bat-wing sweater with uneven hems (longer hem behind and shorter hem in front) creates a far more interesting silhouette.
2) Throwing on a beanie or hat with unexpected details
 Keeping it simple is the key to mastering the normcore style, but nobody said simple had to be boring. In this case, I kept the rest of my outfit simple but I injected an element of surprise by throwing on a beanie with pointy kitty ears. The minimalistic design and shape of the beanie are still very much in line with the normcore style, but a new dimension is given to the outfit.
Add unexpected details to your normcore outfit
If you have other ideas to spice up a normcore outfit, do share them with me! Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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