Do you have a uniform that you turn to on days when you feel like you have nothing to wear? I do, and it helps me look presentable on days when I am feeling lazy or simply do not have the time to make a conscious effort to coordinate my outfit before heading out. 
My everyday uniform is solely made up of shades of black, grey and beige. Isn’t my wardrobe boring without colours? I used to think that way too, but various textures and prints in monochromatic and neutral shades have proven me wrong. Hopefully this all-black OOTD that I’m sharing with you today will prove you wrong too.

To say I love my blacks is an understatement. Black occupies the bulk of my wardrobe now and naturally, I pack a lot of black with me when I travel. Case in point – I packed this black outfit with me during my recent trip to Shanghai and it is one of my favourite lazy day outfits.
What makes an all-black outfit interesting? 
Textures, textures, textures. In my opinion, the easiest way to play up a single colour outfit is to mix and match textures. 
The juxtaposition of black pleather with black fur amps up the glam factor instantly while my trusty ripped Frame Denim jeans and New Balance sneakers add a touch of casual chic to the ensemble. 
When you put several stand-out textures together, accessorizing becomes unnecessary. All I did was to top it off with a cap, which is the best accessory for lazy days as it hides your out-of-bed hair, shields your face from the sun and pulls your outfit together without any hassle.
If you have any other tips for spicing up all-black outfits, do share them with me! 
For now, I’ll be capping off (pun intended) this post with a photo of JW and I on a cruise along Huangpu River. 
If you don’t already know by now, he’s usually the man behind the camera, and a very talented camera man at that although he claims he abhors photography. Don’t you also agree that he is more photogenic than I am? His winning million-dollar smile and sharp features can do no wrong, plus he has absolutely no bad angles to speak of. He’s my better half in every sense of the word and while he is everything that I am not, he completes me and makes me a better person everyday. 
Thanks for reading and here’s wishing everyone a lovely weekend with your loved ones!