A glance at the numerous photos on Instagram is all it takes for us to know that it is currently the Sakura season in Japan. The breathtaking scenery makes me wish I had planned a trip to Tokyo this year. Oh well, there’s always next year. 
A few weeks ago however, one of my girlfriends alerted me to these gorgeous pink bougainvillea trees in Toa Payoh central. I saw her photos on Facebook and wow, they definitely look like the next best thing to Sakura. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to go down to take a look. 
To say that I was completely blown away by the sight would be an understatement. I basked in the glorious beauty of mother nature and wondered at the same time why there was hardly anyone around to take in the magnificent view. There were only a handful of domestic helpers enjoying a mini picnic of sorts as they marveled at the beautiful trees and proceeded to snap away on their cameras. 
Indeed, photography is the beauty of life captured and photos speak a thousand words.

As you can tell, I was completely besotted. The pictures would have been even more perfect if we had green pastures in place of the tiled flooring.

My outfit for the day was a casual eyelet top and skirt set from Japanese label Liz Lisa, which was purchased last June during my trip to Hokkaido. Before this, it was hiding in the depths of my wardrobe waiting to be discovered. My wardrobe is bursting but I always feel that I have nothing to wear and it doesn’t help that I tend to forget what I have in there. Isn’t this a perennial problem that most of us ladies (and some gentlemen) face? 
The Liz Lisa brand is femininity personified. Frills, floral prints, bows and lace are what you can expect in almost every collection.
 I find this preppy set very wearable as it exudes tenderness without being too girly. To up the preppy factor, I paired it with a whimsical Alice in Wonderland book clutch in the same colour palette.  You can also mix and match the top and bottom separately to create different looks for the weekend.
Top and Skirt set from Liz Lisa
Heels from Pazzion

I hope you enjoyed today’s edition of Fashion Fridays! Have a great weekend ahead!