I love music, but I love fashion too. The reason why I used ‘but’ instead of ‘and’ here is because as much as I love to listen to music, especially when I am on the go, finding a pair of stylish earphones with good sound quality is a tall order. It is difficult to have the best of both worlds and more often than not, I’ll end up heading out without my earphones so as not to compromise on style. 

In today’s edition of Fashion Fridays, I will be sharing my recent experience with Sudio, a Swedish brand of earphones that truly understands how important it is to marry style with quality and comfort. I have always been a fan of Scandinavian design and Sudio’s elegant meets preppy designs are just perfect.

 I wanted a pair of earphones that is compatible with all smartphones and devices, and Sudio’s TVÅ earphones are just what I needed. 

Style Personified

. Truth be told, I have never felt so excited about unboxing gadgets until Sudio came along. Each item, from the earphones, the genuine leather case, to the manual, comes with a carefully labelled little box of its own. The packaging alone is bound to impress.

The genuine leather case and gold clip to keep dangling wires in place are such thoughtful add-ons too. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had problems searching for my earphones after I place them in my handbag. This nifty case is not only presentable, but it also solves all my problems too. 

The Sudio TVÅ earphones come in four colours and I was particularly attracted to both the black and brown options. The black exudes an air of sophistication while the brown has a distinctive vintage preppy vibe.  I really adore the gold details and look, that gorgeous gold clip doubles up as an accessory too. 

Its lightness and aesthetically pleasing
design are reasons why I keep it handy whenever I go out, because there always
those moments when you want to either view online vids amidst noisy crowds
or indulge in your favourite music. With a stylish leather case, and
tangle-resistant flat cords, Sudio TVÅ is a darling to carry around. 

Crisp and Well-balanced Sound Quality

Listening on the Sudio TVÅ is an absolute delight. Besides the crisp and
well-balanced sound quality, its lightweight construction and
ergonomical earbud design ensures that you wouldn’t experience any discomfort even
after long hours of listening. 

In all honesty, Sudio’s
design and sound quality truly stand out in the crowd, even among the bigger boys. 
Affordably priced at just slightly over S$60 (or 365 Swedish Kronas) with free international shipping included, the Sudio TVÅ would make a perfect gift, either for yourself or your loved ones.
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