Today’s edition of Fashion Fridays features one of my typical weekend outfits. I have an obsession with crop tops, if you haven’t already realized, as I think they’re perfect for our sweltering heat (is Singapore getting hotter or is it just me?). I pair a crop top with shorts or a simple skater skirt and off I go to run my errands or catch up with loved ones every weekend.  
Book clutches are my go-to bags for the weekend. They’re instant conversation starters, easy to match and never fail to draw attention wherever I go. I have quite a
number of these adorable book clutches in my wardrobe, some a little
more whimsical while others are a little edgier, but I love them all the
same.The size is just right too as I like to minimize the load that I lug around to prevent back pains. More importantly, the likelihood of bumping into someone else with the same bag is close to zilch.
On a more
personal note, I’ve been a little under the weather recently. It could
be the heat, the haze or just fatigue as a result of everything that is
going on in my life right now.
JW and I are in the midst of planning some lifestyle changes, and as much as I would like to reveal more, the details would have to be kept under wraps in the interim (if you were wondering, no I am not pregnant….). For now, all I hope to do when the weekend arrives is to spend time with JW and also spend some time alone to let my body shut down and let my mind wander. I’m a very homely person by nature, and as much as I enjoy the company of friends and family, I relish time alone.
Crop Top from MDS Collections
Shoes from Sophia Webster
Cuff from Hermes

 What about you? What will you be doing this weekend? 

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