I’m always excited to try new skincare products, especially gel-based skincare products which glide on smoothly without any greasy after-feel. Shiseido’s Aqualabel Special Gel Cream, winner of Women’s Weekly “Best Beauty Buys 2014”, is one such product that I have been intending to review.

I finally took the tub of goodness out of its box and incorporated it into my skincare routine about 2 weeks ago, and I can safely say that it works well on my skin which is oily on the surface and dehydrated beneath. 

What I love about Shiseido’s
Aqualabel Special Gel Cream is its velvety soft jelly-like texture which
feels featherlight on my skin and yet locks in moisture at the same

Multi-tasking 5-in-1 Gel Cream

A multi-tasking 5 in 1 gel cream that contains a high concentration of collagen with double hyaluronic acid and can be used as a lotion (toner), emulsion, essence, cream and mask all at once, it gives you more bang for your buck than your average moisturizer in the market. 

Powered by Aqualabel’s exclusive Aqua Synergy technology, the special gel cream penetrates deeper into your skin to deliver moisture and fight signs of aging, giving you dewy, supple and hydrated skin.   

Pop it in the fridge to give your skin an extra pick-me-up in the mornings and use it as a sleeping mask at night (I do this once or twice a week) and on flights to keep your skin moisturized. A little goes a long way, and I believe this tub will last me for about 6 months at least.

Use it as a sleeping mask

To use it as a sleeping mask, pick up a 50 cent dollop of cream, apply it on to your face and let it sit for about 3 minutes before massaging it thoroughly into your skin. Head to bed when it’s fully absorbed and wake up to smooth, radiant and glowing skin in the morning.

All-in-one products like this special gel cream are just perfect for traveling and this gem of a skincare product is definitely heading overseas with me on my next flight out of the country!


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