Restoring a healthy balance and rejuvenating my skin from within are two of my key priorities now that I’m well into my early 30s. Aside from exercise (hot yoga in my case), I’ve been incorporating supplements into my daily regime in a bid to maintain a healthy, energetic lifestyle and to keep my skin glowing. Thanks to Vanity Trove’s invitation, I was introduced to TruLife’s ready to drink supplements during their product launch at Willow Stream Spa recently.

TruLife is a newly launched contemporary healthcare brand by Poli Medical, an established Singapore-based company that has served the TCM needs of many Singaporeans since 1971. TruLife is acutely aware that today’s society thrives on convenience and aims to answer the health and lifestyle needs of consumers with this in mind. 
Manufactured in Singapore, TruLife’s ready to drink supplements combine powerful active ingredients that are rapidly absorbed by our body for targeted results, giving us the luminous glow of health from within. 

The best part is, these supplements are completely sugar-free and additive-free. 

Collagen Cell Renew – For Bright & Radiant Complexion (S$56.60)

I am a huge fan of collagen drinks and most of the collagen drinks that I have tried in the past contain preservatives and added sugar. I couldn’t be happier when I
found out that one of TruLife’s latest state-of-the-art products
includes Collagen Cell Renew, a collagen drink that contains 15,000mg dosage of Micro Marine Collagen Peptides.
Collagen Cell Renew is clinically proven to increase moisture levels by 50% and decrease UV spot area by 13%. It also targets fine lines and brightens your complexion, leaving you with smooth, supple skin.
I have previously read about how difficult it is for our body to absorb collagen due to its large molecule size, hence you can imagine my delight when I was told that only low molecular weight collagen peptides of deep sea fish origin are used to enhance absorption levels and ensure that our body absorbs the highest grade of collagen available today.

I was given a box of 10 Collagen Cell Renew supplements to try at home. Having read that effects are visible after just 10 days, I drank a bottle everyday before bed. It is recommended that you take this before bed as your body is better able to absorb the nutrients to achieve optimal results.
As no sugar is added, I was half expecting the drink supplement to taste bland or in the worst case scenario, bitter. I took my first sip gingerly and to my surprise, it was just as sweet and palatable as other collagen drinks that I’ve tried. Unlike other collagen drinks, the Collagen Cell Renew has a thicker and more viscous consistency, which I believe is largely attributed to the higher concentration of collagen peptides.

Did I see any results after 10 days?
 To ensure that I could make a fair assessment of the supplements, no changes were made to my daily skincare routine. Aside from pigmentation at my cheek bone area, my skin tone is pretty even thanks to my whitening skincare regime, which I have been adhering to religiously for a few years now. 
While I didn’t see significant improvements in my overall skin tone, I did notice that the pigmentation around my cheek bone area seemed to have lightened and I could get away with less concealer than usual. My skin also felt firmer, softer and well-moisturized. 
I am not certain as to how enduring the effects are and if further improvements can be seen if I were to take this supplement in the longer term, but the results that it achieved in just 10 days are enticing enough to make me want to buy another box! 

Besides Collagen Cell Renew, we were also given a thorough introduction to the full range of TruLife’s ready to drink supplements and products by Mr Dylan Hu (Director of Poli Medical and third generation business leader) as we nibbled on delicious canapes between sips of yummy fruit-infused water. 

Mr Dylan Hu, Director of Poli Medical

Yingjie, a seasoned TCM practictioner, was also present to give us tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Based on TCM theories, the key to achieving good health is to balance the Yin and Yang energies.
Yingjie, TCM Practitioner
Here are the other two ready to drink supplements that we were introduced to:
Herbal System Detox – Stay Lean with Less Effort (S$45.95)

Herbal System Detox helps to improve kidney and liver functions by stimulating regular bowel movement, thereby preventing toxin accumulation and increasing metabolism. It also enhances digestive health and reduces oil absorption after meals. 
 It contains six
natural active ingredients, namely Green Tea, Lotus Leaf, Folium Sennae,
Hawthorn Fruit, Herbal Plantaginis and Cassia Seed to hasten the
detoxification process.
This supplement is perhaps your next best alternative to dieting. Not only is it flavourful, it is also completely natural, which makes it safe for consumption in the long term.

Berry EyeHealth – Brighten Eyes and Improve Visual Acuity (S$45.95)

Berry EyeHealth
aims to improve visual acuity and relieve eye fatigue to keep your eyes
bright, sparkling and healthy. Infused with high concentrations of
Wolfberry, Bilberry and other natural ingredients such as Chrysanthemum,
Dendrobium stem and Prinsepia Seed, this supplement targets common
problems such as blurred vision, cataract and even symptoms of glaucoma
I intend to purchase a box of Berry EyeHealth soon as taking good care
of my eyes is one of my top priorities given that I spend the bulk of my time sitting in front of the computer on a day to day
basis. I am also genetically predisposed to myopia and am practically
blind without my contact lenses or spectacles.

We also had the opportunity to try other products under TruLife. Perosonally, I think that the Bird’s Nest Drink would make a wonderful gift to my parents or friends who are more health conscious as TruLife offers a sugar-free version of this popular tonic too.

the comprehensive presentation, the evening ended on a relaxing note
with a pampering massage of our choice at Willow Stream
Spa. I chose the Keep Calm with Collagen treatment, a specially
customized Face and Neck Massage that complemented TruLife’s Collagen
Cell Renew supplements perfectly.
TruLife’s supplements are
now available at Guardian and Nishino pharmacies, as well as OG and
Robinsons department stores.

  For more information on TruLife’s premium quality healthcare products, do visit their website here.