How do you like my outfit? Surprise, surprise, everything that you see above (except the bag and belt) are from my recent Taobao haul via 65daigou.
Do read on for a detailed review of these items in the later part of this post. For now, let’s talk about why you should use 65daigou. I know we can all buy directly from Taobao SEA these days, hence is there still a need for 65daigou and why do people use it?
Why should I use 65daigou?
Here are three reasons why:
1) User-friendly Interface
65daigou’s user interface is incredibly fuss-free and easy to understand. Plus, everything is in English! All you have to do is to copy and paste the URL link of the item that you wish to purchase on Taobao in the EZ Buy tab on top of 65daigou’s website.
Most of the item’s information will be readily captured by 65daigou. Typically, I only have to select my size and the location of the warehouse to be shipped to within China.
65daigou also ensures that your orders are placed correctly. For instance, I forgot to indicate the size of the top and skirt set that I wanted to purchase. Within the blink of an eye, I received a notification from 65daigou requesting for my preferred size.
2) Lower Shipping Costs
have heard so much about all the good deals on Taobao but purchasing
and shipping from Taobao is a challenge especially if you intend to
consolidate purchases from different sellers situated in various
parts of China. Shipping costs will go up as well because each seller
will provide you with a shipping quote.  
all these issues are easily resolved with 65daigou. 65daigou is able to
consolidate your purchases, so you’ll only have to pay once for
international shipping.
I wanted to receive my products within a week, hence I opted for Express Air shipment which cost S$15. I thought it was pretty reasonable for a total of 3 items including shoes. 
3) Ease of Collection
There are 80 collection points, 8 MRT collection points and 3 warehouses where you can collect your parcels. No extra cost is involved. Of course, you could also have your parcel delivered to your doorstep at an affordable fee of S$5.
I love the hassle-free shopping experience via 65daigou and would highly recommend that you try it too. In fact, many of my close friends have already jumped on the bandwagon. 😉

Review of 65daigou Taobao Haul
I was looking for a poufy tulle skirt and this set deal popped up during my search for 纱裙 (tulle in Chinese).
I love set deals. I had originally
only wanted to purchase the tulle skirt which costs 188RMB, but I found a
deal that includes both the top and skirt at just 135RMB! That works out to
be S$28.13 for the entire set, which is really a steal given the
excellent workmanship. 
Besides keeping a
lookout for set deals, you can also look out for sellers that offer
free domestic shipping to save on cost, which was exactly what I did. 
Unfortunately, as much as I would like to provide the URL link for your reference, it is now completely sold out and nowhere to be found.
This gorgeous pair of heels which I fell in love with at first sight is still available. Just click on the photo below to be redirected to the URL link of the item. Priced at almost S$40, this pair of heels may not be as cheap as most of the other shoes that you can find on Taobao, but it is very well-made and most importantly, very comfortable. 

Before I make a purchase, I always make it a point to check out the product reviews. In fact, it was the exceptional reviews on these heels that gave me the confidence to go ahead with this purchase.
Was I satisfied with my purchases?
 The answer to this question is a resounding yes! 
The knitted top is made of a slightly thicker, structured knit material which ensures that it doesn’t crease easily. The tulle skirt on the other hand comes with multiple layers and a satin lining that’s absolutely smooth and soft to the touch. If you were to purchase a top and skirt of similar quality at a brick and mortar retail store, I can foresee that it will easily burn a hole in your pocket.
I also adore my PVC heels from Taobao. Not only does the design of the heels remind me of  designer label Gianvito Rossi’s PVC pumps (as shown below), the lower height makes it a joy to walk in.  
Gianvito Rossi Pumps

Top & Skirt Set: Sold out on Taobao
Bag from Japan
Hair clip from Alannah Hill

After my first purchase on Taobao using 65daigou, I am now all ready to embark on my next quest for more good deals!
To register for a free account on 65daigou, check out their website here.

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