I change my hair colour frequently and I cannot be more grateful to Masa san from Naoki Yoshihara by Ash for taking such wonderful care of my hair. I always know my hair is in good hands with Masa san around and I trust his recommendations, especially when it comes to selecting the right hair colour to match my skin tone. 
I generally suit lighter colours and one of my favourite shades is ash. There are several variations of ash, but this was my first time trying Platinum Ash thanks to Masa san’s recommendation.

Over time, the yellow/orange undertones in my hair colour tend to show up, which irks me because it makes my hair look really unhealthy. This platinum ash shade is perfect for concealing the yellow/orange undertones and my hair looks shinier and healthier too!

This was also one of the rare occasions when Karen and I managed to time our appointments together. As you can tell, colours with reddish undertones suit her really well as they complement her skin tone.

It’s important to choose a colour that flatters your skin tone to enhance your overall appearance and look your best. And with a good hairstylist like Masa san, it’s easy to look your best all the time!

If you need advice on what suits you best, remember to make an appointment with Masa san at Naoki Yoshihara by Ash. 
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