Nancy Sinatra said, all sultrily, that these boots were made for
walking. The question is: which boots? How do you know which boots are made
for you, when you shop for boots online or
in stores?

One of my fashion inspirations is Kate Moss and she looks amazing in
boots. But well, she is Kate Moss after all. She can wear stilts and still look
fabulous in them. 

The rest of us mortals, however, need to find the right footwear that
flatters our shape.

Here are some tips for choosing the right boots:

1. Ankle boots

Ankle boots are all the rage now. Supermodels like Alexa Chung and, yes,
Kate Moss, as well as A-list trendsetters like Kate Bosworth are totally
rocking their ankle booties. 

Before you rush out to grab a pair, though, understand that if you have
cankles (that’s ankles that are as thick as your calves instead of tapered),
ankle boots are not your friend. Resting at the ankle, they may make your
ankles look shorter and stockier. 

Women with slim, tapered calves are better suited to these. Otherwise, these
are generally flattering for any figure – pear, apple, boyish, petite – and
climate-appropriate for Singapore.

2. Knee-high boots

Good news, ladies: knee high boots are universally flattering. They make
your legs look slimmer and longer. The pointy finish at the toes add extra
length and enhance the silhouette of your legs, too. In other words, this is
gold. Finally, something that not only supermodels can wear.


However, petite girls like me should be careful about going too high as
knee high boots can be a tad overwhelming for my frame. You don’t want to look
like the boots are wearing you instead of you wearing the boots. That aside, the
only other drawback is the sweltering Singapore weather. Save these for your
overseas trips during the cold wintry months instead.

3. Platform boots

Proceed with caution. I repeat, proceed with caution. Unless you really
need the extra height. These wicked babies throw your proportions really off,
as all the weight is concentrated beneath your feet. 

To be honest, I’d advise against wearing these at all. Why risk looking
like a clumsy horse when you’ve got more elegant styles like platform-heeled boots?
They are much less chunky, and lend you the height as well as the tough vibes
that boots offer.

4. Calf-length boots

Sure, these look really edgy. And in relaxed cuts, calf-length boots can
be really comfortable. But bottom heavy women should definitely avoid them.
They make your calves look bigger and your legs shorter, cutting off your legs

If you are bottom heavy and absolutely must wear boots of this length, remember
to play with your proportions and balance them out with, say, a flared skirt or
a flowy top. And wear them with loads of attitude!

5. Flat boots

If you value comfort above anything else, then flat boots are your
answer. There’s a reason why Ugg boots are so popular! Just watch your
proportions. Do as Zoe Saldana and Cindy Crawford did here:

And keep things streamlined and casual with skinny jeans, a sleek top
and loose hair.

See? You can make boots work for you. With the right cut and length for
your shape, your boots will be made for walking too.