Marie France Bodyline recently unveiled its new regional celebrity spokesperson, Hong Kong Artiste, Angela Tong Ying Ying, and I was honoured to have been invited to the media launch at The Luxe Art Museum alongside Karen and Estelle, where we had the opportunity to get up close and personal with Angela.

Angela was a picture of radiance in her short pink dress, as she dazzled the crowd with her signature megawatt smile and of course, her newfound post-pregnancy figure. The star was beaming with pride as she had shed 11kg in just 3 months with Marie France Bodyline’s customized treatments, which included a nutritional plan that was specially tailored to her lifestyle and preferences.

While Angela’s voluptous figure
was the envy of many, she had issues with her hips and tummy, like most
women, even before her pregnancy. The

situation worsened with pregnancy, as she gained more than 12kg and
ballooned to 64kg with a 42 inch waist! 

To add salt to the wound,
unsightly bulges appeared along with sagginess around her hips, tummy
and thighs. 
at her slender figure while she shared about her life-changing
experience with Marie France on stage made it hard for me to imagine she
had a less than desirable figure just recently! After starting
treatment with Marie France Bodyline in April 2013, Angela has lost a
total of 42.25 inches in 3 months, including 12 inches around her waist,
7 inches around her tummy, 6.5 inches around her thighs, 4.75 inches around her hips and 3.5 inches around her arms.
 In case you were wondering, her before and after photos were not digitally enhanced, which only goes to show that the results are 100% genuine. Impressive, isn’t it?

only is she slimmer, Angela also opined that she feels more energetic
and healthier after her treatments with Marie France. She is now
enjoying every moment of her new roles as a mother and as Marie France
Bodyline’s celebrity spokesperson in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
After sharing her wonderful slimming experience with Marie France, the vivacious and eloquent Angela
celebrated her new role as a mother by participating in a diaper-changing challenge with emcee Anita Kapoor. 

Angela worked her magic and completed the challenge in the blink of an eye. Look at her expertly folded diapers! Evidently, the first-time mum is basking in the joys of motherhood.
When asked if she has plans for a second child, the glowing, effervescent mum and star spoke with disarming candour, revealing that she and her husband are planning for one or two more children. 
She also quipped that thanks to the positive experience with Marie France, she is all ready to have more babies now that she no longer has to worry about getting back in shape after giving birth!

 Other than Angela Tong, Marie France Bodyline has served a continuous string of celebrity clients throughout the years. It counts Christy Chung, Rosamund Kwan, Vicki Zhao and even local celebrity Kym Ng among its clients. 
in Switzerland, Marie France Bodyline has over 25 years of experience
in helping customers to lose weight naturally. It offers weight-loss and inch-loss solutions without slimming pills, strenuous exercise or strict dieting.
The secret to Marie France Bodyline’s advanced weight management treatments lies in its rigorous research and development efforts worldwide, resulting in the development of innovative technologies to address key issues that women face today, including excess fat tissue, cellulite and lack of skin elasticity.

A personal consultation is first conducted with the Marie France Bodyline professional team of experts which includes skilled consultants and qualified nutritionists. A slimming programme is then specially customized based on your eating habits and daily lifestyle. For lasting results, the team at Marie France Bodyline also encourages clients to exercise regularly and have a balanced diet. 
With Marie France, we can all look forward to a healthier, more effective method of slimming and sculpting. Regaining your figure and looking good have never been easier!

at the forefront of cutting edge, results-oriented slimming treatments, Marie France Bodyline also introduced their latest treatment, Pro-Freeze, a revolutionary fat-freezing technology that is touted to be the non-invasive alternative to Liposuction at the media event.

  Previously only available in medical clinics, this breakthrough Pro-Freeze
treatment is able to ‘freeze’ away unsightly fat bulges safely and effectively without any discomfort and downtime! 

We were delighted to
find out that unlike other slimming treatments, the Pro Freeze
technology is specially developed for targeted areas where you have
stubborn pockets of fat that are generally resistant to exercise and

of problem areas that are suitable for Pro Freeze include tummy (spare
tyres), waist (love handles), hips (saddle backs) and inner thighs. As a
result of desk bound jobs and sedentary lifestyles, these are common
problem areas that plague many of us, even those of us who are slim.
When fats and flabbiness develop in these areas, you will realize that
it is certainly no mean feat to get back into shape.

Sounds all too familiar? Pro-Freeze could just be the solution for you!
How Does Pro-Freeze Work?

become frozen when they are exposed to extremely cold temperatures.
When fats become frozen, the fat cells degenerate and die off, a process
called adipocyte apoptosis.
happens when the fat cells die? Will they remain in your body?
Thankfully, the answer is NO. The degenerated fat cells are discharged
from the body through our body’s metabolism system.
Pro-Freeze treatment session takes about 45-60 minutes and clients are
able to relax and unwind in the comfort of Marie France Bodyline’s
treatment room. A probe is used to administer the treatment and a
powerful suction, coupled with a cooling sensation, can be felt during
the first 5 minutes of the treatment. The cold sensation gradually
dissipates as each targeted area becomes accustomed to the suction.
How Effective is Pro-Freeze?
treatment can permanently remove up to 25% of unwanted fat in just 1
single treatment session, dramatically reducing the thickness of the fat
to Marie France, clients will experience visible results in fat loss
just 3 weeks after the treatment. More significant results can be seen
between 3-6 months after treatment.
However, do note that those with major
illnesses (e.g. cancer, liver disease, heart disease and diabetes),
sensitivity to extreme coldness, have previously done fat-removal
treatments or treatments that cause fat cells to die off within the last
2 months (e.g. Cryolipolysis, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Liposuction etc.),
or are pregnant, are not suitable for this treatment.
Interested in trying Pro-Freeze? 
Marie France Bodyline is now offering the treatment at a special rate of S$400 for your first treatment, plus 1 complimentary post treatment!
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