Fashion is an outlet for creativity and a tool for self-expression, regardless of age. Having been inspired by fashionistas by all over the world, I too hope to share my fashion finds and style choices in the hope that this would inspire you to see fashion in a similar light, which is why I have decided to post more outfit shots in this humble space of mine in future. 🙂
So yes, it’s the start of
yet another regular work week, after a seemingly long national day
weekend break (but wait, weekends are never long enough, are they?).
Given that everyone is probably still suffering from Monday blues, here’s a bright and cheery outfit to chase away those blues and
brighten up your day.

I have been using the Celine Phantom for a while now and apart from its aesthetic value, I really appreciate its functionality. Not only does it add a pop of colour to my work wardrobe, where black dresses reign, it also provides ample space for work documents and all my other essentials.

The eye-catching royal blue shade also makes it the perfect bag for colour blocking experiments, as evidenced in this series of photos. I love this chic shirt and shorts set that I bought from Ching at Far East Plaza (#04-57). Ching stocks a wide array of irresistible apparel, ranging from casual wear to evening wear, which makes it quite impossible to step out of the shop without making a purchase. If you happen to be in town and in a shopping mood, you know where to head to!

Top and shorts set from Ching, Far East Plaza
Bag from Celine
Blazer from Shanghai
Shoes from random shop in Singapore