Time flies. Within the blink of an eye, JW and I have been back in Singapore for quite a while now. We’ve been so caught up with work and family commitments that it took a while for us to realize that we’ve left Australia for 6 months. It’s strange though, because it feels like we were just there yesterday.
Looking back at the photos taken in Australia inevitably brings back lovely memories and a sense of longing for the relaxed, idyllic lifestyle which we once enjoyed. If you would like to read more about what I did last year in Australia, click here.
We had several short getaways while we were in Australia, but our stay at Hunter Valley was by far the most unforgettable.
We stayed at the Leisure Inn Polkobin, which was enshrouded in lush greenery and serenity. I absolutely loved waking up to this beautiful view everyday.  
The cozy decor of our one bedroom house made us feel right at home. I can’t quite explain it, but there was something about the sense of tranquility here that made us feel unbridled and carefree.
In fact, JW loved this place so much, he kept telling me he wanted to buy it. LOL
We decided to take it slow on our first day at Hunter Valley, and having a leisurely lunch at highly acclaimed restaurant, Amanda’s on the Edge, was the perfect way to start the day.

Amanda’s on the Edge is a quaint fine dining restaurant perched atop a hill overlooking sprawling vineyards and a luscious green garden. Just look at the surroundings! I couldn’t resist taking some outfit shots here.


 We were the first to arrive that day and had the whole restaurant to ourselves!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I don’t know what the Romans do these days, but when in Hunter Valley, you have to order wine. 😉 Moscato for me, and red wine for JW.
I had prawn linguine, which was cooked to perfection with fresh herbs and juicy, succulent prawns. A squeeze of lemon was all it took to complete the dish.
JW had the eye fillet steak topped with a generous cube of creamy herb-infused butter. Tender and oozing with juicy goodness, it was nothing short of wonderful.

Besides a smorgasbord of appetizers and main courses that will certainly tantalize your taste buds, Amanda’s on the Edge also offers a delectable selection of the finest desserts, so be sure to leave some room for them!
 We went with the Hot Chocolate Fudge Brownie with Tiramisu ice-cream, which was highly recommended by the server. We loved the rich, dark chocolate flavour of the brownie, coupled with its delightfully crunchy texture. The tiramisu ice-cream complemented the brownie very well and lent an interesting dimension to the dessert.
Both of us have a soft spot for creme brulee, so whenever we chance upon it on a dessert menu, we have to order it. We are hopelessly drawn to the gorgeous, caramelized sugar crust, just like bees are to honey. 
It is hard to go wrong with creme brulee, and I love breaking the tortoiseshell sugar disc on top to reveal the rich, smooth cream that’s waiting to ooze into my spoon. Yummy!
At the end of the meal, JW was almost drunk. He has a terribly low tolerance for alcohol and almost always ends up talking at the top of his voice after drinking a glass of wine. Yes, one glass is all it takes.

To save us from embarrassment, we politely asked for the bill and left. LOL

After a short nap, it was time to indulge in a cheese platter with drinks while we catch the glorious sunset and wind down for the day. 

No prizes for guessing who had coffee this time. 😉

Isn’t it beautiful? Bliss is being able to enjoy these quiet moments at sunset with your loved one. 🙂

More on Hunter Valley Gardens, cheese factory tours and wine tours in a bit!