I’ve taken a
liking towards statement jewellery and I’ve been trying my hand at
layering them in different ways. For a person who doesn’t own that many
pieces of jewellery, this can be a rather daunting affair.  
Beautifying your wrists is probably the easiest way to start experimenting with statement jewellery. I’ve seen how fashionistas and celebs alike have gone all the way with layers of chunky bracelets and bangles, but given my tiny wrists, I prefer to keep the look simple with just 2 bangles.
Mini gold spiked bangle from CC Skye (You can get this from Shopbop)
Strangely, I am a little more adventurous when it comes to necklaces and I love how they instantly add panache to a bare neckline, transforming my otherwise plain attire into a glamorous ensemble!
This was my first attempt at layering necklaces. The baroque choker was from Vera Moda during my work trip to Beijing some time back, the spiked crystal necklace and long bauble chain were gifts.

This is my chunkiest statement necklace to date. I love how it dresses up the neckline so effortlessly. The amazing thing about this is despite its chunky appearance, it is surprisingly light as a feather!
Here’s yet another statement necklace that I acquired recently from a supplier. I had an additional piece which I put up for sale on instagram and it was sold in minutes!

Besides necklaces and arm candies, my attention has turned towards statement rings as well. One of the rings I love most is the YSL arty ring, which has probably found a place in every self-respecting fashionista’s home to date. I don’t own one yet unfortunately, but I’ve got my eye on another ring, the Angelica ring from Lucien Elements.
All the colours are incredibly captivating, don’t you think? 🙂