Sorry for the lack of updates. After my New Zealand holiday, I was busy tying up loose ends in Sydney as we were heading back to Singapore for good. Now that I’m back in Singapore, I have to set aside time to unpack our luggage and clean up the house. 
Mundane affairs aside, I bought the iPhone 5 and yes I know I’m slow, but I finally have Instagram too!! I’ll be updating Instagram throughout the day, so if you’re interested, you can follow me @reginachow_sg or click HERE to follow me!
I promise to sort out my photos soon so you can look forward to more blog posts, but meanwhile, here’re some of my instagram updates over the past 3 days:
 Merry Christmas!! Just got my new iPhone 5 today!
my furry alphabet bag from jap label Dip Drops. Can’t wait to hit the
stores for my shopping fix. Been deprived for too long in Sydney!!
Hawker food, you can’t imagine how much you’ve been missed 
Gonna meet my parents soon!

Precious gifts from precious friends!

Yay now there’s Lao ban soy bean curd within 5 mins walk from my place!

Wondering if I should perm my hair or just use curling tongs

 My sleeping bunny in neon pink is sooo cute! Marc by Marc Jacobs love from @sushiwu

Happy Holidays everyone!!! 🙂