Sculpture by the Sea is an annual sculpture exhibition on the eastern coast of Sydney. Beautifully crafted sculptures line Tamarama Beach and Bondi Beach, injecting an artistic vibe to the coastlines!
Beach culture is prevalent all over Australia, which works in my favour because I love hanging out at the beach! I know it’s hard to believe that someone like me, who shies away from the sun and doesn’t swim at all, can actually take a fancy to the beach, but there’s something about the crashing waves and soft, pristine sand that sets my heart aflutter.

I adore art exhibitions as well, simply because it is interesting to see how creative ideas are transformed into works of art. The fruits of labour are often unexpected, or even incomprehensible in some cases, but the element of surprise is very intriguing indeed.

This dome installation is one of my favourites. Who would have thought of rolling up colourful t-shirts to create roses? The enchanting visual impact is a testament of the artist’s ingenuity!
Here are some of the other artworks that caught my eye:

We parked at Tamarama Beach and walked all the way to Bondi, enjoying the sights along the way. Sydney has no lack of gorgeous beaches, but Bondi beach is definitely the place to be seen. It is no surprise that it is the most crowded of all beaches, because this is where all the action is! 
 We were there on a Wednesday, but look at how crowded the beach was!
 Time to quench our thirst on a scorching hot day!
What more could you ask for when you have a spectacular view of the beach and its glorious waves?
This is my idea of a perfect afternoon. Sipping on fresh juice and gazing at the vast ocean is so relaxing and therapeutic, I feel like I’m in paradise. 
Now that the weather is warmer, I’ve been heading out more often for a spot of beach therapy! I always feel rejuvenated after a day at the beach.
What about you? Do you love beaches too? 🙂