Paddy’s Market, also known as Sydney’s original market, has been around since 1834. It boasts an interesting mish mash of tourist souveniors, fruits and clothes. I would say it is the equivalent of the “pasar malams” in Singapore, except that if you were to head up to the higher floors, you’ll find factory outlets for Australian brands like Review, Dotti, Supre, Seduce, among others. It’s a great place for bargain hunting as the discounts can be as steep as 70%!

JW loves to go to Paddy’s because he’s infatuated with swiss knives, torch lights, umbrellas and nail clippers. I know, he is kinda odd, isn’t he? LOL

As for myself, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that I’m only interested in the factory outlets for Review, Dotti and Supre. 😉