Here’s a typical outfit that I put on when the weather is slightly chilly. I love autumn colours like mustard and teal, but just as autumn is around the corner, I’m about to return to sunny Singapore in a couple of days. I’m so going to miss my hubby, aunts, uncles and not forgetting the glorious food here. I’m immensely grateful to my aunts and uncles for taking us around and helping us to settle in. Through them, we were also introduced to the various types of cuisine in Oz and everything has been so finger-licking good, it is no wonder that our appetites have increased along with our waistlines.
The ingredients here are so fresh and even vegetables like baby bak choy taste divine without any condiments. I know, I know, I sound so incredibly domesticated and “auntie” after staying in here for barely a month! 
I’ll be back in Singapore for the next 2 months, so if you’re interested in advertorials (especially if you would like the photos to be taken in Australia) do drop me a note at
Mustard knit top and Teal pinafore from Dip Drops
Brown over the knee socks from Topshop
Black wedges from Clementi Mall
Beaded hairpin from Alannah Hill