Christmas may be over, but that isn’t stopping me from adding glitter and neon brights in my outfits. I just collected my new booties and was in a hurry to put them on. That’s when I figured the easiest way to make them stand out is to dress in one colour from top to toe.

This style is a little edgier than what I’m used to, but girly elements have been retained nevertheless. Bows, lace and an A-line cut top are just some of them. Hope you like it!

Tweed glitter top

Crochet lace shorts from Bangkok

Clutch from Pleats Please by Issey Miyake

Close-up of my bow booties. Overdose of bows and cuteness!

Monday’s coming to an end, so I’m gonna grab myself a coke (my holy grail!) to reward myself! Have a great week ahead!