I love experimenting with fashion and I can’t resist the urge to update my wardrobe all the time to keep up with the latest trends.
My work dresses tend to be very well-tailored and structured while my casual dresses are usually either feminine or edgy. Rarely do I get to bag a dress that marries sophistication with casualness without compromising on style.

Well, at least that was the case until I saw this dress from BCBG.

And I was delighted to know that Closet Matterz designed their first manufactured piece, My First Love Cape Dress, after this highly coveted BCBG dress!

I adore the floaty cape-like design and the superb workmanship of the dress. The cutting is very flattering and enhances the overall silhouette.

The best part is, it is so versatile you can wear it for work or for afternoon tea on a weekend. I usually do not like dresses from most blogshops because the material usually makes it inappropriate for work. But this dress is made of quality cotton/ and lycra. Not only is it smooth and comfortable to the touch, the workmanship makes it work-appropriate.

My First Love Cape Dress comes in 5 different colours, but I chose the very striking vermillion because it makes a statement effortlessly.

The dress also comes with a petticoat and belt. The petticoat is made of a soft cotton lycra blend and can be used with other dresses too. I thought that was a very thoughtful gesture because VPLs are definitely a huge no-no. 😉

This beauty will only be launched this coming Wednesday, 27 July, on Closet Matterz. The preview is already up on their site!

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