I don’t have many photos of my work outfits because I hardly experiment with fashion trends at work and I’m always exhausted by the time I return home. That being said, I shall give you a sneak peek into my wardrobe today as many readers have been asking me about my work attire.
I generally favour tailored silhouettes, textured tweeds and subdued colours for work to portray a professional image. Unlike my casual outfits, my work wardrobe colour palette is made up of just 5 colours – Black, White, Grey, Beige and Blue.

Looking professional at work is my utmost priority, which is why I like classic, well-structured pieces with subtle details. Here’s one of my favourite work dresses (Please excuse my tired face):

Tweed Dress from River Island
Black Suede Pumps from Ferragamo
Bag from Loewe
Earrings from Chanel

Close-up of the details on my dress:

Link Tweed is one of my favourite fabrics because of its luxurious appearance. I also like how it adds bulk to my petite frame. There are actually bits of glitter sprinkled all over the tweed material but unfortunately, my camera couldn’t capture it.

Close-up of my earrings:

Gold and pearl accessories add the finishing touch to my work outfits. To me, an outfit is never complete without accessories, especially earrings.