We all know that Dim Sum and Yum Cha are synonymous in Hong Kong. For the uninitiated, yum cha (literally translated as drinking tea) is a dining concept that incorporates the art of drinking tea in the company of dim sum dishes.

There are several renowned dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong, and according to my Hong Kong-based friends, Maxim’s Palace City Hall is by far the best.

We didn’t manage to yum cha at Maxim’s this time. Instead, we decided to try our luck at Tim Ho Wan, a highly raved dim sum restaurant that is famous for its char siew bo luo bao (barbecued pork pineapple buns). As the restaurant only has 20 seats, patrons usually wait hours for their turn. The long snaking queue in front of the restaurant is a testament of its popularity.

After getting a queue number, we quickly lost our patience as the queue was moving at snail’s pace, if it was even moving at all. Since we would probably have the chance to yum cha another day (which we did!), we eventually gave up waiting and adjourned to a nearby eatery diagonally opposite Tim Ho Wan for local delicacies such as yu dan 鱼蛋 (fishballs) and wanton noodles.

I can’t recall the name of the shop but the food was unbelievably good! I had sumptuous zha jiang mian 炸酱面 (noodles tossed in minced beef sauce) there. Yummy!!

Feeling satisfied after the hearty meal, we took a stroll to the MTR and made our way to Central. The best time for photo-taking is while you’re waiting for the train to arrive. I guess that was why the MTR in Hong Kong made reflective glass doors so that commuters like us can cam-whore while waiting. How very thoughtful. LOL!

The highlight at Central was H&M of course! H&M is coming to the sunny island of Singapore come August 2011, but till that happens, most Singaporeans would typically get their H&M fix from either Hong Kong or Tokyo.

I would imagine that H&M needs no introduction. The fashionable apparel sold at affordable prices is the main reason why girls fall head over heels in love with the brand.

We spent a few hours trawling through 3 storeys of H&M apparel. I even managed to get two pairs of denim shorts from the children’s department for myself! I was wearing one of them in my recent outfit post. 😉

After H&M, Causeway Bay beckoned. Island Beverly at Causeway Bay is very similar to Argyle Centre, except that the prices are much higher. You may find some interesting designs here priced at about S$50-80 onwards. Sometimes, you can find the same items here at Argyle Centre, so I really wouldn’t recommend this mall.

Reyna and I left the mall earlier while Jun, Kaykay, Mavis and Shirley were still shopping because our legs were aching and our stomachs were rumbling. We ended up at agnes b cafe for desserts.

Almost all the agnes b shops in Hong Kong are accompanied by agnes b cafes. The desserts are pretty decent but please do not attempt to try the soup. We ordered a clam chowder soup and gosh, it tasted like fishy water!