It has been a while since I posted any outfit photos, so here’s one for your viewing pleasure.

This was what I wore to town on a Saturday night to catch the critically acclaimed horror movie, “Let Me In”, a remake of the Swedish film “Let the Right One In”.

I especially love the frilly top and the pretty statement bow behind. Come to think of it, the ruffles and frills of this ensemble are reminiscent of a Latin dance costume isn’t it?

Now, on to the movie. Having read the review in 8days magazine, I thought “Let Me In” was more of a thriller than a horror flick as the review seemingly focused more on the bond between an ostracized little boy who was a victim of bullying at school and a 12-year old female vampire. How terrifying could a 12 year old child vampire be right?

I was wrong. I ended up watching the movie through my fingers, my palms cupping the cheeks of my face. Admittedly, I am not the bravest of souls, but the drastic contrast between the demure, innocent 12-year old child and her transformation into a hideous blood sucking monster was too shocking.

On one hand, she was the reliable child-like confidante to a fellow 12 year old boy, but on the other hand, she was also a blood curdling menace who looks nothing like a 12 year old at the sight of blood.

One of the most frightening scenes was at an isolated underpass, where she lay in ambush in complete darkness, pretending to be injured and begging an unsuspecting jogger to carry her before attacking him. The scene was so gory it still makes me think twice about helping children in need!

The gore, the blood gushing down her fangs and her blood-soaked clothes (so unglamorous!!) sent shivers down my spine. These elements were ubiquitous throughout the movie. I wondered why she didn’t have the finesse of the vampires in Twilight and could never seem to clean up after herself. She always had blood dripping from her mouth, her clothes and the rest of her body!

I honestly couldn’t understand why the little boy never once flinched when she wrapped her bloody hands and body around him! I swear I would’ve died on the spot if someone did that to me.

Savage aside, the plot was very novel as it explored the psychological struggles, loneliness and trauma that a viciously bullied child would typically experience. The male lead was driven to desperation (omg his only friend was a vampire!) and the female vampire became his only companion for the rest of his life. The boy got himself a companion and life-time protection from bullies while the girl vampire got herself a slave to hunt down innocent human beings for their blood.

I don’t know how to explain this, but the film was touching yet inexplicably disturbing at the same time. I’ll rate this 4/5.

Go watch it if you haven’t already done so. I bet you would have sleepless nights thereafter. 😉