As a shopping queen who has to juggle between work, family and friends, my shopping escapades inevitably revolve around online shopping sites and blog shops. One of the issues I face is that the clothes found on blogshops are typically not appropriate for work due to the length (usually way too short for me!), size or quality. As a result, I could hardly rely on blog shops for work wear, at least not until Eldaffe came into the picture.

Recently, I received two work dresses in my mailbox, thanks to Eldaffe, a new blog shop with their own label. Eldaffe manufactures their own designs in various sizes and they have just launched their first collection with two classic designs.

I love the modest length (I’m 1.6m tall) and excellent quality of the dresses. The little lace details and floral embellishments also add a touch of femininity without compromising on professionalism. Absolutely perfect for work!

Most importantly, these classic designs are evergreen so you’ll never go out of style!

Check them out at!