I’ve never been much of a sun and sea person. I don’t know how to swim because I have a phobia of water. I also try to avoid the sun to prevent pigmentation, though it doesn’t seem to work given that Singapore is sunny all year round.

I reckon I must be one of the few Singaporeans who have never been to beach resorts in Bali or Phuket, so for once, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and venture into the unknown with two other girlfriends in tow. Having amassed a sizable collection of bikinis over the past 6 months (erm..yes…vanity knows no boundaries), I figured it was also about time to put my collection to good use.

Arrival at Ranadi Villa@Seminyak

We had lunch at Warung Made, a restaurant that serves traditional Balinese food. I have recently developed a penchant for Indonesian food and its flavourful taste so this was quite the perfect joint for me.

Staying in a villa also meant that we could chill in the comfort of our very own private pool at any time of the day. There we were, frolicking in the pool and engaging in heart to heart conversations. This was a soul-searching trip for us in more ways than one, and I am glad it brought us even closer than we already were.