Feeling well rested after the cruise, we headed down to Dempsey the day we returned to mainland Singapore to meet up with Karen, Clara, Janice and Audrey. Most of the photos here are courtesy of Janice. 🙂

The objective was to check out the flea market, but after our tea session at Jones the Grocer, most of the shops had closed! None of us realized that the flea closes at 6pm. 😛

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop us from checking out the Beauty Emporium, where we had a ball of a time browsing through beauty products while Janice had her brows done. It was her virgin experience!

The Beauty Emporium is apparently the world’s first one-stop shop for all your beauty and nutritional needs. I was overwhelmed by the wide selection of beauty products which is not commonly found in departmental stores, and….surprise, surprise….books too!

Yes, Books Actually (their main shop is located at Club Street) is a tenant here as well. I’ve always been a fan of their unique collection of books and antique collectibles sourced from overseas.

I also love how the beauty products are neatly lined on refrigerated shelves, not unlike food products at the supermarket.

Our final shot before we headed to Ayam Bakar at Lucky Plaza for dinner

Ayam Bakar is an Indonesian restaurant that I’ve been rather crazy about lately. You can read more about it in my previous entry here.

Not only is the Ayam Bakar dish delicious, I absolutely adore the Happy Soda too!

We ended the night in a typical girly fashion with a parting shot before we went our separate ways. Karen had to zip off to a friend’s birthday party, so there were only the 3 of us! Hope to meet up with the girls again soon!