We were itching to get away from the sunny island of Singapore, so we decided to book a Superstar Virgo cruise to Redang on the spur of the moment.
Before we left, friends warned us that we would probably be bored to death on the ship and that the food served on board is pretty horrible. Well, having low, or no expectations, worked to our advantage because we ended up enjoying ourselves very much despite the poor service.
The service crew typically do not speak unless they are spoken to, so you will not know what is going on throughout the entire cruise unless you ask. The crew also takes pride in making useless announcements that can only be heard if you step outside your cabin, which really bewilders me.
Nonetheless, I guess when work keeps you on your toes all the time, being able to unwind and relax with nary a worry becomes a luxury. We spent most of our time crazily gorging ourselves with food, watching movies, exploring the ship, sipping wine on the balcony and finally, here comes our favourite activity – sleeping! I know it doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it’s wonderful to be able to lead such a sedentary lifestyle every once in a while.
Here’s what I wore on the first day.
One of my favourite ribbons from Korea.

For our dinner on the first night, we had western fare at one of the ballrooms. That was when we noticed that there were hardly anyone around our age, except for a handful of filial sons and daughters accompanying their parents. The fact that we actually enjoyed the cruise is probably a sign that we are aging prematurely!

The appetizer was buffalo wings with onion rings. The presentation was very gourmet-like, but honestly, the buffalo wings were just normal chicken wings.

For the main course, I had chicken with dumplings. Once again, the chef placed more attention on the food presentation instead.

JW had dory fish with rice, which turned out suprisingly decent.
Just when I was about to give up on the food on board, there came the yummy cheese platter and ice-cream. I must say that was a pretty good ending to our first meal.

After the meal, we retreated into the comfort of our cabin to bask in the gentle sea breeze and catch a glimpse of the night view in the company of good wine.

I woke up bright and early the next morning at about 6.40a.m. because I was determined to catch the sunrise! I must admit that after taking this shot, I went back to sleep because someone refused to wake up although he was all excited about going out for breakfast just the night before.

We finally got out of the cabin at about 10 a.m. By then, breakfast had ended, so we settled for some peranakan food in one of the restaurants.

Apple Juice vs latte.

Ayam Penyet – This was pretty tasty but I found the meat a tad too dry for my liking.

Satay sticks with rice. This was delicious!

Then, it was time for us to change into our beachwear! We took a dip in the pool and outdoor jacuzzi before heading to Redang.

Redang Island is located in the east coast of Malaysia and is a popular holiday destination for tourists and Malaysians alike. With its long stretch of pristine beach against the dazzling turquoise ocean, this island is almost paradisical!

The best part is, you can still find remote areas along the beach, perfect for chilling out with a glass of freshly squeezed juice.
We finally settled down at a cozy spot outside Coral Redang Island Resort. Look, there’s hardly anyone in the background at all! We practically had the beach all to ourselves, save for a few Caucasian patrons.

When you are blessed with beautiful weather, a private beach complete with the love of your life and immaculate service, what more could one ask for?

This is pure, unadulterated bliss indeed.