Grace invited me to a picnic that she organized at the Botanic Gardens early last month. As it was a Sunday and there was a concert performance going on (can’t remember what now), the field at the Botanic Gardens was packed with families having picnics too!
We had fun chatting (albeit under the scorching sun!) and munching on the sumptuous food in between sips of juice and choya! Grace single-handedly prepared a healthy spread of fresh vegetable sticks (I love celery!!), crackers with various types of cheese and fruits.

JW looked like he was dreaming halfway through the picnic. I think he was about to get heat stroke cos I captured a hilarious shot of him looking stunned and helpless. HAHA!
But well, being the good wife that I am, I shall not embarrass him over the internet, so here’s a normal shot of him against the backdrop of other fellow picnickers.

Couple shot – my face was starting to get red by then.

Parting shot with my dear friend, Grace. She has found a new job in a much better environment and I’m so happy for her!

Last but not least, here’s what I wore that day. I love this gorgeous summery romper with a ribbon in front. It’s made of very soft comfy cotton, perfect for picnics in the sweltering heat!

If you like this, there’s one last piece (brand new!) available for sale at Shopping Queen’s Haven !