Actually, there’s nothing secretive about my routine, but since I’ve been receiving quite a number of inquiries about how my make-up is done, I’ll do a short post on the make-up products that I use.


After slapping on my skincare products and eye cream, I use Covermark extra formula foundation as a concealer for my horrific undereye circles. I take a really small dollop of it with the spatula, use my ring finger and tap it gently into my skin until it’s fully blended. I use it to prime my eyelids as well. This helps my eyeshadow and eyeliner to stay on for a prolonged period.

This is my best buy to date as it is very blendable and really value-for-money. I’m not even halfway through the bottle although I’ve been using it for 2 years now! For this particular product, a little goes a long way.

To set the concealer, I use DiorSkin Extreme Fit Supermoist Powder Foundation. Sometimes, I use it all over my face as well if I need a little more coverage. More often than not, I just stick to tinted sunscreen. Eyeshadow
Then I’ll swipe Majolica Majorca WT963 eyeshadow all over my lids. It’s a very glittery shade that is subtle at the same time. I also line my lower lashline and the inner corner of my eyes with this eyeshadow using an angled brush to open up my eyes. If I am in a rush for time, this is the only eyeshadow that I use.

On other days, I’ll also use a palette of brown eyeshadows (either matte or glittery) to create more depth. Blending is key when you’re using a few shades so it’s always best to get good eyeshadow brushes. I personally think that MAC and iNuovi have pretty decent make-up brush sets.

After using so many different brands of eyeshadow, I’ve figured that drugstore brands are equally good (i.e. very smooth, pigmented yet buildable colour). My favourite so far is Silkygirl’s blockbuster quad in Bare Classics. The best part is its price…it only costs S$11.90!

There’s also another brown Japanese eyeshadow quad that I found at Sasa recently. It has very blendable browns and comes with the most glittery white eyeliner gel I’ve ever seen – totally great for parties. I’ll take a picture of it and post it here soon.

I usually use the lighter shade of brown over the entire socket and the darker shade at the ends. Sometimes, I’ll also line my upper lashline with the darker eyeshadow. I find that it helps my eyeliner to stay on longer.

After blending my eyeshadow, I’ll move on to eyeliner. My holy grail is MAC’s Powerpoint in Engraved (it’s black, not blue as shown in pic) because it glides on easily and the colour is very intense.

I draw a thicker line on my upper lashline and wing out the eyeliner at the end. The wing effect varies depending on the thickness and angle that you draw, but practice makes perfect. Depending on the shape of your eyes, this may or may not suit you as well.

After drawing the upper lashline, I slowly glide the eyeliner on the waterline (i.e. inner corner of the entire lower lashline). I like my eyes fully lined, while others may only prefer to line say 1/4 of the waterline. Once again, this depends on the shape of your eyes. For some people, fully-lined eyes may make their eyes appear smaller.

I usually finish off my eye make-up by curling my lashes with my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and applying mascara. On days when I have no time, I skip this step altogether.

I’ve been using Majorlica Majorca’s mascara base as well as their mascara. I like intense colours, and that’s the very reason why I love this mascara.

So there you have it… my full daily make-up routine revealed! I certainly hope this comes in useful!

You may have realized that I left out blusher and eyebrow pencil in this post. I’m not particularly fussy about these two items and I do without them most of the time.

But if you must ask, I like MAC’s pinch o peach blusher as well as Majorlica Majorca’s PK333 blusher. 😉