Merry Christmas everyone! I’m interjecting my Japan posts (it’s never-ending isn’t it?) with a post on my recent stay at Conrad.

We had an enjoyable stay at the Conrad Hotel last weekend. It was the closest alternative to a get-away without physically leaving the sunny island. All we did was eat, drink (not alcohol but soup from Golden Peony and Oscar’s) and be merry (read: a lot of shopping, albeit mainly xmas shopping for colleagues) during this jolly season.

Some photos of my hair on the 1st day:
Decided to bun it up for a change.

The room was cozy but the decor was a little bare. The bed was extremely comfortable though.

The bathroom was huge in comparison to the rest of the room. Definitely to die for.
Outfit shots. I love my black top. JW said it makes me look like a bird. ;P

Hair and outfit shots for the 2nd day:

I don’t know if we were fortunate or unfortunate..but Space Furniture was having a 30% discount on many of its items so we stepped in and got ourselves a Phanton chair for the study.

We loved this M16 rifle lamp too but it’s way out of our budget. The price easily surpasses that of our new sofa.

Lazing on the chair with my favourite magazine, Home and Decor, which also happens to be JW’s most hated magazine because I keep adding new wants to my shopping list. Furniture shopping isn’t exactly a hobby that one should cultivate.