We booked a JTB tour to Mount Fuji and Hakone from the JTB Singapore office before we left for Japan.

You know what? It just struck me that these pics are more than a month overdue and I’m quite, quite embarrassed because I still have a gazillion pictures from my Japan trip that I have yet to sort out!!

On the way to Mount Fuji

The view from the bus

Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan at 3,776m, is the country’s most renowned symbol and attraction. It is a dormant volcano (surprise surprise!!) which last erupted in 1707-1708.

The view at Mount Fuji was just magnificent. No words can describe the grandeur and majesty that it exudes. These photos were taken at the Mount Fuji Visitor Centre before we proceeded to the 5th station. 🙂

Cute Mount Fuji origami folded by us 😉

With the glorious snow-capped mountain against a backdrop of autumn colours, it was no surprise that every photo turned out looking like a picture-perfect postcard. We were mesmerized by the picturesque scene.

On the way to the 5th station

What a breath-taking view! I wish I could bask in the beauty of nature everyday…

And finally, we arrive at the 5th Station. It was a sunny day and the skies were clear, but we experienced terribly strong winds!!

While I was blown away by the captivating scenery, the winds were so strong that I thought I was going to be really blown away…like literally.

See what I mean?

Mount Fuji Cakes.
They were so cute that we bought a box just to try. Didn’t taste as good as they looked though.

Camwhoring with the cakes and postcard 😉

Lunch was at Tomi no sato Kokorogi Japanese Restaurant at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa. We had a private spot beside the sunken courtyard, accompanied by a full view of Mount Fuji.

The simplicity of the decor, coupled with the exquisite landscaping at the courtyard, elicits a sense of serenity.

Grace had Ten-Don for 1800 yen (approximately SGD28) and she claims it’s the best tempura she has ever tasted!
I had sashimi-don for 2000 yen (approximately SGD32). The sashimi was so sweet and succulent it left me craving for more! The meal was very satisfying and nothing short of fantastic.

Took a final shot with Mount Fuji before we headed off to Hakone, the second part of our tour!