I’m resting in the comfort of my master bedroom on a Saturday afternoon with jazz music playing in the background while the contractors are busy installing our shoe cabinet and study room furniture.

Although I’m pretty much stuck at home today, with a messy home to clean up afterward, I feel surprisingly relaxed. I feel pampered lying on my 600-thread count Egyptian cotton bedsheets with my KFC cheesy fries and root beer. A quiet respite from the bustle, that’s what this is.

Incidentally, I also found some pictures of myself from past events that I attended, namely the inaugural F1 night race in 08 and the World Gourmet Summit in 09. I cropped away the other people who were in the photos to protect their privacy. 🙂

F1 Night Race 08

World Gourmet Summit 09 at Jaan Restaurant (Swissotel)

Time flies…before I know it, it’s time for F1 again!