Some of my favourite local food include satay, hokkien mee, chicken rice, laksa and mee siam. I am very fastidious about food, hence I would usually only frequent tried and tested stalls.

Laksa and mee siam, however tend to be very consistent in terms of taste and quality among hawkers and eateries. That is the reason why I usually wouldn’t mind ordering these dishes at random eateries.

I had a sudden craving for laksa last weekend so we popped by Toast Box to satiate my cravings and hunger pangs. Sometimes, I have laksa at Toast Box for breakfast on weekedays as well.

I like the laksa there because the coconut milk is creamy and the chilli isn’t too spicy. They are also pretty generous with the ingredients, which typically comprise shelled prawns, sliced fish cakes and tofu. Besides laksa, their mee siam is good too, as affirmed by JW.

The bandung drink that I had with my laksa was really refreshing! The taste was rich and to my surprise, there were little jelly bits in there too. It wasn’t just pleasing to the eye, but tantalizing to the taste buds as well. 🙂